What are the Best Ballasts for Greenhouse Lighting


How to Keep Indoor or Greenhouse Grow Lights Cool


The answer is simple:  The right ballasts and reflectors.  Light ballast controls voltages of electrical gas discharge lights, such as neon or high intensity discharge lamps; reflectors carry the heat away in a variety of methods.


Lighting ballast is necessary to keep things cool because discharge lights cannot control the amount of current flow – a ballast has negative resistance and can regulate the amount of current that passes through them.  Without ballasts there is no control on high-powered lights and lights will fail or worse.


Which is the Best Type of Ballast


At Redway Feed and Garden we specialize in ballasts of all kinds (including metal halide magnetic ballasts, high pressure sodium magnetic ballasts, switchable magnetic ballasts, and top of the line digital ballasts).


There are many makes of ballasts but we find the Sun System line to be superior in performance and price (including Sun System Crop Master, Sun System 1, Sun System 6).


Now digital ballasts are becoming more prevalent on the market.   They have extra features that magnetic ballasts can’t touch – they are the new age equipment of the indoor gardening world!


The Lumatek digital ballast offers multi-wattage, dual voltage, and runs both Metal Halide and High Pressure Sodium bulbs easily.  The Lumatek also has the Super Lumens ability, which ups your lumens by 10% at the flip of a switch.


Right Lights and Reflectors are Part of the Answer


Also critical to keeping lights cool is the type of reflector used with you lights and ballast.  There are thirty different styles to choose from and include air-cooled, water-cooled, parabolic pattern or reflectors with adjustable wings.  Redway Feed and Garden can help select the right lights, the best ballast and reflector that are compatible and will help you have the best and safest indoor or greenhouse crop possible!