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High Pressure Sodium Grow Light Systems

High quality light systems which encourage fruiting, flowering, and budding!

Metal Halide Grow Light Systems

Reliable, High Quality light systems, usually used for plants in vegetative states.

Fluorescent Grow Lights

Fluorescent Grow Lights are energy efficient and cool to the touch. They’re primarily used for seedlings and cuttings, but T-5s can support fully grown plants.

Replacement Grow Light Bulbs

Professional quality replacement lights for any setup.

Grow Light Conversion Bulbs

Conversion Bulbs allow you to switch out Metal Halide bulbs with High Pressure Sodium Ballasts, or vice versa.

Grow Light Ballast Assemblies

A Ballast is a requirement for any light setup.

Grow Light Reflectors & Fittings

Directs more light towards your plants with highly reflective material, increasing efficiency.

Grow Light Movers & Hangers

Grow Light Movers allow for lights to imitate the motion of the sun, allowing optimal growth for plants throughout your indoor garden.

Mylar/Reflective Coverings

The more reflective surfaces, the more light that reaches your plants.

Euro Systems Grow Light Systems

Eurosystems, founded in 2000, set out with the task of creating unique lighting systems for the U.S. Their decade in business and their fantastic systems have displayed their success.