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Air Cleaners/Odor Control

These products are your path to clean, odor free air in your garden environment.

Air Conditioning Units

When exhaust fans won’t cut it, these units will keep your grow room cool.

Air Pumps

Delivers oxygen to your nutrient solution.

Air Stones & Valves

Keep your air pump in top condition with these air stones and valves.

Analog Timers

We have excellent timers for controlling greenhouse or garden systems.


The air your plants breath should never be overlooked. We have the proper equipment for CO2 enrichment, temperature, and humidity control.

Atmospheric/Environmental Controllers

We carry only the best products for creating the perfect atmospheric conditions for your plants.


We sell durable, high quality hydroponic buckets.

Calibration Solutions

Calibrating PH-meters is very important for their measurement accuracy.

Clay Pellets

Clay pellets are a clean growing medium of neutral PH.

Clone Machines

Here are our hydroponic systems for efficiently reproducing your plants.

Cloning Gels

Formulated of hormones, vitamins, and nutrients, cloning gels help produce fast growing, healthy clones.

CO2 Enrichment

Increase your yield by adding CO2 to the atmosphere.

Coco Mixtures

Coco is an excellent alternative to conventional soil.


Containers are essential for any garden.

Digital Timers

We have excellent timers for controlling greenhouse or garden systems. Digital timers allow for more control and accuracy than their analog counterparts.

Disease Control

Kill off disease in your garden with our high quality Disease Control products.

Dry Nutrients

Dry Nutrients are a highly economical, inexpensive choice as a fertilizer.

Drying Systems

When the harvesting is done, drying systems can save space and minimize damage to your crop.

Euro Systems Grow Light Systems

Eurosystems, founded in 2000, set out with the task of creating unique lighting systems for the U.S. Their decade in business and their fantastic systems have displayed their success.

Exhaust Fans & Circulators

A wide selection of products to move your grow room’s air.

Fan Accessories

Ducting, aluminum, noise reduction, backdraft dampers, and anything else related to fans.

Fluorescent Grow Lights

Fluorescent Grow Lights are energy efficient and cool to the touch. They’re primarily used for seedlings and cuttings, but T-5s can support fully grown plants.


Fungi, which are a group of organisms that include yeast and molds, can infect your plants and cause big problems. Fortunately, there are many products designed to destroy them without harming your plants.

Grow Light Ballast Assemblies

A Ballast is a requirement for any light setup.

Grow Light Conversion Bulbs

Conversion Bulbs allow you to switch out Metal Halide bulbs with High Pressure Sodium Ballasts, or vice versa.

Grow Light Movers & Hangers

Grow Light Movers allow for lights to imitate the motion of the sun, allowing optimal growth for plants throughout your indoor garden.

Grow Light Reflectors & Fittings

Directs more light towards your plants with highly reflective material, increasing efficiency.

Grow Lights

We have endless choices for your unique lighting needs.

Growing Containers

Containers for your plants of all shapes and sizes.

Growing Mediums

From soil to coco to clay and perlite, there are many mediums to root your plants in.

Hand Tools

Pruning sheers, scissors, etc.

Heat Mats

Increase your germination time and success rate with these professional quality heat mats.

High Pressure Sodium Grow Light Systems

High quality light systems which encourage fruiting, flowering, and budding!

Humidity Domes

Young plants prefer high humidity environments. Help give your clones/seedlings the ideal environment for optimal growth.

Hydroponic Growing Systems

Find the system that best suits your hydroponic needs.


Hydroponics is the growing of plants without soil, using nutrients and water, or some other inert medium. This may also include the use of artificial light.

Insect Control

Insects can cause big problems in your garden - and we have the solution(s)!

Light Controllers

Here is our stock of timers designed specifically for controlling lights.

Liquid Plant Nutrients

Liquid nutrients are consistent and fine-tuned, though more expensive than their dry counterparts.

Metal Halide Grow Light Systems

Reliable, High Quality light systems, usually used for plants in vegetative states.


Safety equipment, hand tools, and sprayers.

Mite Control

Insecticides and other pest controls for ridding your garden of mites.

Mylar/Reflective Coverings

The more reflective surfaces, the more light that reaches your plants.


We carry nutrients and supplements to make your garden grow.

Organic Nutrients

We have a fine selection of natural fertilizer nutrients, which means no artificial chemicals.

Organic Soils

100% organic soil mixtures for your organic garden.


This volcanic rock will assist root growth and retain water.

Pest & Disease Control

Pests and diseases can cause devastation in any garden. We are here to help.